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    What is Pansy Patch?

    Pansy Patch is Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation’s official Grand Convention fundraiser. The best part is, you don’t have to attend Grand Convention to participate. In fact, you don’t even have to be a Theta! Members of the Fraternity, along with their parents, spouses, friends, and supporters, can give pansies for just $5 each in honor of the special Thetas in their lives.

    Why Pansies?

    Pansies are one of Kappa Alpha Theta’s symbols, and the word “pansy” comes from the French word pensée, meaning “thought.” This symbol exemplifies the thoughtfulness of donors who give to honor the Thetas in their lives.

    Current Leaderboards

    Check the progress of your chapter’s standing or view the current top five pansy planters (Pansy Patch donors) on our Leaderboards!

    Chapter Standings
    # Chapter Pansies Planters
    Chapter Standings are updated as donors purchase pansies and select a chapter to support in the “Associated Chapter” field at the time of their purchase. Pansies indicate the number of pansies sent, and planters are the number of donors who have selected the chapter.
    Pansy Planter Standings
    # Name Pansies
    Pansy Planter Standings reflect the planters (donors) who have sent the most pansies. The number of pansies indicate how many have been sent by each donor. Anonymous donors will not be displayed in the Standings, nor will pansy honorees be informed of anonymous donors’ names.

    Latest Power Pansy Challenge

    Follow along as we unlock Power Pansy Challenges to help the Pansy Patch bloom! After every successful challenge, we will reveal new Pansy Patch Scholarships that will be available in 2019 to collegians from the top-ranked chapters in the Chapter Standings. Learn more on the Leaderboards page.

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