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    What Is Pansy Patch?

    Pansy Patch is Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation’s official Grand Convention fundraiser. The best part is, you didn’t have to attend Grand Convention to participate. In fact, you didn’t even have to be a Theta! For just $5, Thetas, parents, spouses, friends, and supporters gave a pansy to the Thetas they love and care for. These gifts not only created a spectacular Pansy Patch at Grand Convention, they were also an investment in Theta’s leading women to strengthen and protect our beloved and evolving Fraternity.

    When you gave a pansy, you led the way for educational, leadership, and philanthropic programs of the Fraternity and scholastic, professional, and service pursuits that help Thetas reach their fullest potential and make a difference in the world.

    How it Works

    For just $5, you could purchase a pansy in celebration, honor, or memory of a Theta sister. The Pansy Patch bloomed for all to see at Grand Convention 2016 in Phoenix. Whether attending Convention or not, your honoree received an email letting her know you gave her a pansy, and her name was added to the Pansy Patch display in Phoenix if the pansy was purchased before May 14, 2016. If your honoree attended Convention, she received a pansy sticker to wear on her nametag, and she had an opportunity to see her name displayed in the Pansy Patch!

    NEW this year: when giving a pansy, you could share a Pansy Patch image in a personal email or on social media! During your donation confirmation, downloading the Pansy Patch Donor Image and pasting it in an email to your Theta sister(s) or sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram shared the Theta Love!

    Raising the Stakes

    Chapter and pansy planter (donor) competitions were in place this year. To participate, donors simply entered the chapter and college/university they wished to support when they purchased pansies.

    This year, we had an exciting incentive in place for the top chapters in the Standings: Power Pansies. The “power” behind these Power Pansies are one-time merit-based Pansy Patch Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Four Power Pansies were unlocked throughout the duration of the 2016 Pansy Patch campaign.

    On June 25, the conclusion of Pansy Patch at Grand Convention,  we unlocked the final Power Pansy and announced the total number of Pansy Patch Scholarships to be awarded for the 2017-2018 Academic Year: 18. One of each of the available Pansy Patch Scholarships will be designated to each of the top-ranked college chapters. Rankings are based on the total number of pansies designated to each college chapter, and all collegians from those college chapters will be eligible to apply for a Pansy Patch Scholarship.

    Learn more about the 28 donors who made Power Pansies possible as well as the 18 chapters whose members are eligible to apply for a Pansy Patch Scholarship on our blog.

    PP Display (2)


    How the Seed Was Planted

    In 2008, its inaugural year, Pansy Patch contributions totaled $42,000 thanks to the generosity of Theta sisters, parents, spouses, family members, and friends who joined in the fun and purchased more than 8,400 pansies!

    Since then, donors have continued the tradition of making Theta Foundation’s Pansy Patch bloom at each Grand Convention. A brilliant display of pansies represents the appreciation, love, and support the Theta sisterhood provides to members throughout their lifetime. At Theta’s 71st Grand Convention in 2014, Pansy Patch was once again in full bloom, with nearly 10,000 pansies greeting Convention attendees when they arrived in Orlando. In just three short days, hundreds more were added, resulting in $86,500 raised in support of the Fraternity’s educational and leadership programs, $14,000 of which supported National CASA.

    2016 marked the fifth biennial Pansy Patch, and our most successful Pansy Patch to date!

    Why Pansies?

    Not only are pansies Kappa Alpha Theta’s flower, they also stand for so much more! The word “pansy” comes from the French word pensée meaning “thought.” This exemplifies the thoughtfulness of donors who give to honor the Thetas in their lives. If every Theta gave just one pansy, we would raise more than $1 million for our Fraternity, sisters, and the causes closest to Thetas’ hearts. Multiply that for every parent, spouse, or friend who buys a pansy, and you can imagine the impact!

    Thank you for helping create a spectacular display of love, thoughtfulness, and Theta sisterhood this year. Because of you, we can help our sisters reach their fullest potential.

    Bloom With Us!

    Everyone helped our Pansy Patch bloom! Pansy Patch was a simple and fun way to support the leading women of Kappa Alpha Theta by sharing your love and thoughtfulness directly with Theta members. Your gifts inspired Thetas all over the world to pursue their dreams, attain highest scholarship, and spread the widest influence for good.

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