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    How will my recipient be notified I gave her a pansy?

    In the Pansy Cart after selecting your honorees to send pansies to, you will see one of two notifications under their names: “Email address was found! A pansy notice will be sent to this address.” Or “Email was not found in our database.” If an email address is found in our database, you will still have the option to enter an email address if you believe you have a more updated address. If no email address is found, you will have the option to add an email address for that recipient. If you do not have an email address to provide for sisters without an email address in our database, you can still purchase a pansy, but an email acknowledgement cannot be sent by the Foundation. You can share the downloadable Pansy Patch Donor Image with your recipients via social media or email.

    Can I purchase pansies for groups of Thetas?

    There are two different ways to honor groups of Thetas. Several groups of Thetas are searchable by their title (Grand Council, Foundation Trustees, Kappa Alpha Theta Headquarters Staff, College Chapter CEOs, Alumnae Chapter Presidents, CDDs, ADDs, ABCs, and current ELCs). When searching for these groups, the individual members who serve in these positions will appear. You can buy individual pansies for individual officers or staff for $5 each and an email notification will be sent to each recipient.

    You are also welcome to purchase one pansy for a whole group. However, no notifications will be sent to the individual officers or staff who serve in positions within the group. You can share the downloadable Pansy Patch Donor Image with individuals via social media or email.

    Can I make a memorial gift?

    Yes, you can make a gift in honor of a deceased loved one, sister, or friend, but no email acknowledgement will be sent. You can download the Pansy Patch Donor Image after you make your gift and share that you purchased a pansy in memory of a sister via social media or email.

    Can a chapter make a gift in honor of their members?

    College and alumnae chapters without the ability to use a credit card to make their contribution online can send a check to the Foundation with a list of individuals they intend to honor. A batch email will be sent to the intended recipients, but you must include their first name, last name, email, and chapter for acknowledgements to be sent. Without first and last names, email, and chapter, we cannot guarantee recipients will receive email notifications. *Remember, no budgeted college chapter funds may be used for gifts. All chapters are to raise money for all their charitable gifts.

    Can I send my Pansy Patch gifts through the mail to Foundation Headquarters?

    Your contributions are always welcome; however, if you’d like a virtual pansy sent to your recipient acknowledging you made a gift in her honor, you must include an email address for your recipient with your contribution, or we must have an email on file. If no email is on file, we will send a simple card to notify your recipient of the pansy you purchased. For contributions received in the mail, a pansy will be placed in the Pansy Patch display at Grand Convention. Donors sending information through the mail should include notes specific to the college chapter they would like the pansy displayed in and be sure to provide the full name and corresponding chapter for the individual they wish to honor.

    Is there a limit to how many pansies I can purchase at one time?

    No! This year, you can purchase an unlimited number of pansies at one time.

    Will the site save my pansy cart selections?

    If you navigate away from PansyPatch.org or close your browser, your cart selections will not be saved. As long as you remain on PansyPatch.org, your cart selections will be saved.

    Is there a history of the pansies I purchase during the 2016 Pansy Patch?

    When you complete your transaction to purchase pansies, you will receive an email notification with a detailed list of each member you gave a pansy to. Please retain this list for your records. This information will not be available to you once your shopping cart clears.

    How can I help make the 2016 Pansy Patch a success?

    When you give a pansy to a Theta sister, you are not only investing in our mission, you are also advocating for the Foundation’s work. Foundation advocates encourage support for programs that allow members of Kappa Alpha Theta to attain the highest scholarship and create the widest influence for good.

    We encourage you to become actively involved in advancing our mission. You can inspire others to give by sharing personal stories and information about the impact of the Foundation’s scholarship and grant programs on your life and the lives of those close to you.

    After you give a pansy, share the downloadable Pansy Patch Donor Image with your social network and tell your friends why you gave a pansy. Encourage your pansy recipients to pay it forward and send their own pansies. Together, we’ll grow the biggest Pansy Patch yet!

    I want to give a pansy to a Theta in my life, and I want it to count toward her chapter in the Standings. How do I make sure that happens?

    When you Give a Pansy to a Theta in your life, you will be required to select your “Associated Chapter” at checkout. If you are a Theta, this can be your preferred chapter. If you are not a Theta, select the chapter of the Theta you’re giving a pansy to. Know her school but not her chapter? When you search for a Theta using the Sister Search, take note of the chapter that appears under her name. You can also click here to access a list of colleges and universities with their Kappa Alpha Theta chapters.

    My chapter is disestablished. Can I still contribute my pansies to it?

    Yes! All college chapters, whether disestablished or not, will rank in the college chapter standings.

    Can I make an additional donation at checkout to boost my chapter’s standing?

    You are welcome to make an additional donation during your pansy checkout, but the additional donation will not affect your chapter’s standing. Chapter standings are based on number of pansies sent. Sending pansies to individual Theta members encourages further participation and spreads the thoughtfulness of Pansy Patch to a wider Theta audience. Do note that you can send more than one pansy to one Theta member, and multiple pansies to one recipient will count toward your chapter’s standing.

    What is the best internet browser to use for PansyPatch.org?

    We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for the best Pansy Patch experience. Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11 should also work well, however, Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 will not provide an optimal Pansy Patch experience.

    My pansy honoree didn’t receive a pansy notification email. What do I do?

    Due to the volume of pansies that are sent every day, unfortunately sometimes pansy notification emails don’t send. We have a new resend feature available to resend your pansy notification emails to the sisters and friends you bought pansies for. Email fdnmail@kappaalphatheta.org with “Resend Pansies” in the subject line, tell us the date you purchased your pansies, and we will resend your pansy notification emails to your honorees!

    Should I receive an email receipt with every pansy purchase I make?

    Yes. Each time you purchase pansies for your sisters and friends—whether it’s one pansy or 100—you will receive an email receipt with the total number of pansies you purchased, the dollar amount, and a list of the honorees you sent pansies to. If you did not receive this email, please email fdnmail@kappaalphatheta.org with “Resend Receipt” in the subject line, tell us the date you purchased pansies, and we will resend your receipt to you.

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