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    The best part of Pansy Patch is that everyone can participate! In fact, your college chapter needs you to participate even if you aren’t attending Grand Convention.

    Pansy Patch includes a friendly competition between our Theta college chapters and pansy planters (donors). Pansies will “bloom” in a display at Grand Convention to illustrate the strength of our Theta sisterhood and the generosity, thoughtfulness, and love of our sisters, families, and friends.

    Please indicate the chapter and college/university to receive credit for your pansies in the “Associated Chapter” field when purchasing pansies, and know that your $5 gift will help Theta sisters achieve their dreams.

    Pansy Patch Progress
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    Chapter Standings
    # Chapter Pansies Planters
    Chapter Standings are updated as donors purchase pansies and select a chapter to support in the “Associated Chapter” field at the time of their purchase. Pansies indicate the number of pansies sent, and planters are the number of donors who have selected the chapter.
    Pansy Planter Standings
    # Name Pansies
    Pansy Planter Standings reflect the planters (donors) who have sent the most pansies. The number of pansies indicate how many have been sent by each donor. Anonymous donors will not be displayed in the Standings, nor will pansy honorees be informed of anonymous donors’ names.

    Power Pansy Challenges

    As we approach specific milestones, we will unlock Power Pansy Challenges to encourage others to give pansies and move chapters up in the Standings. When each Challenge is fulfilled, we will reveal a number of Pansy Patch Scholarships that will be available in 2019 to collegians from the top-ranked chapters in the Chapter Standings. The total number of scholarships to be unlocked will remain a surprise, so it’s important to keep your chapter at the top of the standings!

    Learn more about this exciting incentive on the About page and watch our Power Pansies bloom (literally!) as we reach new milestones in this year’s Pansy Patch!

    Power Pansy Challenge 1

    We unlocked our first Power Pansy by raising $18,700! This unlocked not one, but two Pansy Patch Scholarships for our sisters!

    Power Pansy Challenge 2

    The CASA Power Pansy Challenge was met! Thetas, friends, and family members raised $15,000 in 15 hours and Pat Mierse, Beta Nu/Florida State, doubled your impact with an additional $15,000 gift.

    Power Pansy Challenge 3

    We unlocked our third Power Pansy by reaching 1,000 donors. Meeting this milestone unlocked one Pansy Patch Scholarship, thanks to former Foundation Trustees!

    Power Pansy Challenge 4

    We unlocked Power Pansy Challenge #4 by raising $80,000! This Power Pansy Challenge revealed 5 Pansy Patch Scholarships.