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    Who are our Power Pansy Donors?

    Like every individual pansy, Power Pansies are made possible thanks to the thoughtfulness of some of Theta Foundation’s most loyal donors. Each Power Pansy is a gift of $5,000 that will provide a $2,000 one-time merit-based Pansy Patch Scholarship in 2019 and $3,000 for unrestricted support of Theta’s greatest needs, including the programs that help members reach their fullest potential.

    Power Pansy Challenge 1

    With each Power Pansy Challenge met this Pansy Patch season, Pansy Patch Scholarships are revealed thanks to the generosity and support of Theta Foundation’s 2018 Power Pansy donors.

    TJ Condon, Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson
    Read our recent blog post with TJ to learn what inspired her to give a Power Pansy in 2018.

    Eleanor Buzuvis Chabraja, Beta/Indiana

    Jenny Goforth Hock, Beta Kappa/Drake
    Read Jenny’s blog post about how membership in Kappa Alpha Theta inspired her Power Pansy donation.

    Susie Adams Smith, Alpha Theta/UT-Austin

    Ellen Molleston Walvoord, Gamma Pi/Iowa State

    Beta Xi Chapter at UCLA

    Former Theta Foundation Trustees. 14 former Theta Foundation Trustees came together to give one Power Pansy!

    Deborah Bornmann Allen, Delta Theta/Univ. of Florida
    Florence Helen Ashby, Beta Nu/Florida State University
    Emily Weirich Bandera, Beta/Indiana University
    Catherine Waters Cardelucci, Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles
    Zita Enloe, Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University
    Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne, Nu/Hanover College
    Kim Harvey Looney, Delta Pi/Univ. of Tennessee
    Victoria Laughlin McCluggage, Omicron/Univ. of Southern California
    Dinah Hampton McClymonds, Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma
    Lisa Davis Olney, Delta Epsilon/Arizona State University
    Susan Byers Patrick, Beta Omicron/Univ. of Iowa
    Janet Paine Peters, Beta Omega/Colorado College
    Kate Ardell Rittner, Beta Phi/Penn State University
    Lyn Stewart Simensen, Gamma Gamma/Rollins College

    Former Theta Foundation Trustees. 14 former Theta Foundation Trustees came together to give the second Former Trustee Power Pansy!

    Katie Busby, Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi
    Anne Burr Saliers, Gamma Pi/Iowa State
    Cathie Waters Cardelucci, Beta Xi/UCLA
    Helen Edwards Woodward, Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma
    Jennifer Hinfey, Delta Epsilon/Arizona State
    Jill Pedicord Peterson, Beta Gamma/Colorado State
    Karen Albrecht Ledbetter, Gamma Tau/Tulsa
    Kathy Bennett Tonkel, Eta/Michigan
    Lisa Edelmann McLaughlin, Beta Rho/Duke
    Lisa Sombart Street, Alpha Mu/Missouri
    Lissa Luton Bradford, Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt
    Melanie McLendon Dowell, Delta Epsilon/Arizona State
    Suzie Sterling King, Gamma Phi/Texas Tech
    Wendy Sears Goshert, Gamma/Butler

    CASA Power Pansies

    Pat Doomar Mierse, Beta Nu/Florida State
    Visit our blog to read about Pat’s incredible donation to the $1 Million National CASA Initiative through Pansy Patch!

    Pansy Patch 2016: Our Most Successful Yet

    The 2016 Pansy Patch was our most successful since the patch started blooming in 2008! Learn how it was made possible on our blog.