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    The best part of Pansy Patch is that everyone could participate! In fact, your college chapter needed you to participate even if you weren’t attending Grand Convention.

    Pansy Patch is a friendly annual competition between our Theta college chapters and pansy planters (donors). Pansies were displayed at Grand Convention to illustrate the strength of our Theta sisterhood. Pansies were displayed by the recipients’ last name, showcasing a physical display of our sisters’ generosity, thoughtfulness, and love.

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    Chapter Standings
    # Chapter Pansies Planters
    Chapter Standings reflect the chapters whose alumnae and undergraduate members have sent the most pansies. Pansies indicate the number of pansies sent from those chapters’ members, planters are the number of donors from the chapter.
    Pansy Planter Standings
    # Name Pansies
    Pansy Planter Standings reflect the planters (donors) who have sent the most pansies. The number of pansies indicate how many have been sent by each donor. Anonymous donors will not be displayed in the Standings, nor will pansy honorees be informed of anonymous donors’ names.

    Power Pansies

    Through the simple act of giving a pansy, we produced a powerful effect that will impact the leading women of Kappa Alpha Theta, perhaps even a sister in your own college chapter. Each time a Power Pansy was unlocked, one-time merit-based Pansy Patch Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 for the 2017-2018 Academic Year were also unlocked. Four Power Pansies were unlocked throughout the duration of the 2016 Pansy Patch campaign for a total of 18 Pansy Patch Scholarships and an additional $90,000 raised.

    Learn more about the impact of this exciting incentive on our blog and watch our Power Pansy badges bloom (literally!) below.

    Power Pansy 1

    We unlocked our first Power Pansy by raising $25,000! This unlocked three Pansy Patch Scholarships for our sisters!

    Power Pansy 2

    We unlocked our second Power Pansy by welcoming 285 new pansy planters and raising $18,500 during Pansy Patch Week! This unlocked five Pansy Patch Scholarships for our sisters!

    Power Pansy 3

    We unlocked our third Power Pansy! Thanks to the generosity of Theta’s presidents Laura Doerre, Mary Jane Beach, and Mary Ellen Fitzsimonds, we unlocked one more Pansy Patch Scholarship!

    Power Pansy 4

    We unlocked our final Power Pansy by raising $200,000! This Power Pansy contains nine scholarships, bringing our total to 18!